Personal Website

Shir Navaro

Shir is an artist who needed a website to showcase her artwork online. As a website developer, I worked with Shir to create a website that fulfilled her needs. The website was designed to display her artwork beautifully and allow potential buyers to send a message expressing interest in purchasing the artwork.

The website included a gallery of Shir’s pieces, with high-quality images and detailed descriptions to provide a closer look at each artwork. We made sure to include a clear call-to-action that encouraged visitors to send a message expressing their interest in purchasing the artwork.

To make the website visually appealing, we used a clean and minimalist design, with a focus on the artwork. We also made sure the website was mobile-responsive, so visitors could easily view Shir’s artwork on their mobile devices.

Overall, Shir was happy with the final result and now has a website that showcases her artwork and encourages potential buyers to get in touch with her.

  • Design

    Ran Shtam

  • Client

    Shir Navaro

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